C-COR Broadband Holiday Period Closing Dates 2014 September 10 2014

C-COR Broadband wishes to advise our Customers that our office and warehouse will be closed for Christmas celebrations from December 22, 2014 to January 5, 2015. We would like to encourage our Customers to place their orders beforehand to make sure the goods are delivered before Christmas. Please use our Online Customer Service System to check product information, stock availability and price, as well as place and trace your orders....

C-COR Adds New Telstra-Approved FRPD-V2 Power Supply September 10 2014

The Ferro Resonant Powering Device (FRPD) is a linear power supply with no active electrical components inside and consists of a ferro-resonant transformer, an AC capacitor and an LED indicator. It is rated to IP33 and enclosed in a chromate protected, power coated, aluminium housing. The FRPD-V2 can be pole, wall or pedestal mounted and is designed to provide maximum component cooling to address abnormally high thermal environments...

What Simon Hackett, NBN Co director, says about HFC September 10 2014

“There’s lots of layers of upgrades you can do in an HFC network, and the actual lead-ins are extremely capable of carrying gigabit services… the discussion papers that have come out of NBN Co in the last month or two to ISPs have explicitly canvassed the intention that the speeds delivered on the HFC part of the network will be identical to the FTTP network.”

Simon Hackett in Communications Day, 4 September 2014, Issue 4735

C-COR Adds New Milliken Product Line September 10 2014

C-COR adds the Milliken 4G next-generation "MaxCell" ducting technology to our product line.

Maxcell is the world’s first and only flexible innerduct system engineered specifically for the telecommunications construction industry to maximize conduit space while reducing total construction cost...