C-COR Adds New Milliken Product Line September 10 2014

MaxCell LogoMaxCell Fabric Fibre Innerduct

C-COR adds the Milliken 4G next-generation "MaxCell" ducting technology to our product line.

Maxcell is the world’s first and only flexible innerduct system engineered specifically for the telecommunications construction industry to maximize conduit space while reducing total construction cost.

Maxcell’s unique fabric design conforms to the shape of the conduit and the cable placed within the conduit to reduce cable pulling tensions while simultaneously increasing cable density by as much as 300%.

This greatly minimizes the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct.

  • Pulling tape
  • One, two, three or four cell designs
  • Detectable & none-detectable
For more information, please Click Here to download MaxCell data sheet, Click Here to learn more about Milliken Products, and see all MaxCell product.