Incognito IP Management Software

Incognito Software is a global provider of automated IP address management, domain management, and multimedia provisioning systems. Broadband service providers and large enterprises worldwide use Incognito products to quickly and cost-effectively deploy data, voice, and video services across multiple networks.

Broadband Command Center

Every broadband device requires an IP address and configuration information to become active on the Internet. Device provisioning systems are responsible for this role in broadband and service provider networks. The robustness and extensibility of a device provisioning system determines if and how quickly new services and/or protocols can be rolled out to these devices (e.g. VOIP, business phone features, etc.). Scalability and reliability determine if the provider can offer a competitive offering with 5NINES reliability. Ultimately, the provisioning system is the traffic cop determining if and how quickly these services and devices can be rolled out.

Broadband Command Center supports DOCSIS, PacketCable, and SIP and provisioning across all networks from cable and wireline, to wireless and satellite.

Address Commander by Incognito

Address Commander™ helps you monitor and manage your IP address space with instant reporting, trending and alerts.

The introduction of IPv6 has meant an exponential increase in the number of IP addresses available for use. The implication of this is the increased number of unique addresses that need to be tracked and the migration of networks to IPv6 while still managing IPv4 inventory – daunting tasks that spreadsheets and home-grown applications will not be able to handle. The results are more efficient use of your IP space, reduced administration costs traditionally associated with manual data entry, and a more effective distribution of address blocks.

Name Commander by Incognito

Name Commander™ is a domain management system (DMS) with a centralized web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to manage large numbers of BIND and Controlled Name Servers (CNS). It automatically populates zone, resource record, and configuration information across a constellation of DNS servers containing common data. Changes to common zone settings are automatically propagated across all the servers in real time.

Name Commander is suitable for integration into new or existing DNS environments.