RGNets Revenue Extraction Gateways

RG Nets and Ruckus Wireless combined make an unbeatable combination for enabling operators of all sizes to efficiently and economically deploy and manage policy based wireless broadband public access networks. Ruckus Wireless is the leader in delivering consistent, predictable and efficient wireless access in large and congested networks by removing Wi-Fi interference through their adaptive technology. RG Nets is the market leader in manufacturing and marketing policy based gateways and controllers for these same operators of Revenue Generating Networks.

RG Nets, Inc. is a certified Ruckus Enterprise Technology Partner and is one of only three companies certified through the Ruckus Interoperability and Open Testing (RIOT) program in the Public Internet Access market, and the only member with a focus on serving operators of Guest High Speed Internet Access (GHSIA) networks. RIOT is an application certification program developed specifically to ensure seamless integration and operation of select third-party applications with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products and technology. By combining Ruckus Access Points and Controllers with rXg gateways network operators have the benefits of comprehensive policy enablers integrated in a single network appliance. Without rXg operators must add disparate components to their edge network to offer today’s required service levels and revenuegenerating features such as: Web Server, AAA Subscriber Database Server, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Trunk Interuptor, Billing Payment Gateway and Uplink Aggregator etc.


  • Web Server: For default or custom captive portals for subscriber access, web manipulation, advertising and zero operator intervention provisioning (ZOIE) and management
  • AAA subscriber database server: For local authentication, access control and usage accounting – integrated portal data capture
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) trunk interceptor: For virus detection, content filters and application control
  • Billing and payment gateway: For PMS or Credit Card, Token revenue extraction from subscribers
  • Uplink aggregator: For high availability, load balancing and data path affinity
  • Core network servers: For DNS, DHCP, VPN, and Routing
  • Storage networks: For packet capture, session logging, web cache, and quota management
  • Firewalls: For stateful packet inspection of network traffic that traverses the configured network ports.
  • Media controller: For Web Page manipulation, advertising injection, overlays, notifications

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